The Service Learning Institute is excited to have 10 Service Learning Student Leaders working in classrooms and community partners this year.  Below is a short bio and picture for each of our wonderful 10 students.



Valerie Castaneda

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Valerie joined the Student Leadership in Service Learning Program in the Fall of 2012. She is a community based "square" with Central Coast HIV/AIDS Services at the Syringe Exchange program in Salinas.  She is a 3rd year Psychology student who hopes to continue doing similar service work after graduating.






Mojola Osifeso
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Mojola is a 4th year human communications major with a concentration on journalism and media studies. She is a dreamer and hopes to make it big one day in the entertainment industry and make change. She's tired of seeing the same old things and plans to make change by using the skills and resources she has possessed while working at the Service Learning Institue SL program for the past 3 semesters. 




Brigette Johnson

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Brigette Johnson is currently in her junior year here at California State University, Monterey Bay. She is majoring in Psychology and hopes to pursue a minor in service learning. She is originally from Long Beach, California and chose to attend CSUMB based on the small class sizes and location. This year Brigette is one of our new Service Learning Student Leaders this year. She has a hybrid positions which allows her to be in the classroom and at a community site. She works with Professor Deb Busman’s HCOM 307 Social Impact and Mass Media Service Learning class as a co facilitator and is site based with The Village Project. Bridgette has strong passion for social justice and equality along with working with youth. She did her service learning at The Village Project two semesters ago and was inspired to go back and continue working with them. Brigette is hoping to go to grad school and purse a career in Marriage and Family Counseling. She would also like to work with foster youth and at risk teens.


Austin Smith

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Austin Smith likes to do physical activities such as running, basketball ext. He is currently a student at CSUMB going for a business degree and is working with the Boys and Girls Club.







Kraig Bellows

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Kraig Bellows came to work in Social Justice and Educational Equity through a tumultuous critical examination of the wealthy white suburbs from whence he hails. This started right around the time he landed back on earth and came to CSUMB where he is pursuing a degree in Human Communication with a concentration in Practical and Professional Ethics. He feels an apocalyptic prerogative to use his one human life for the good of the whole. Hobbies include reading radical books, writing poetry and hanging around reality with the old transcendent souls he calls his friends and family. He considers himself a member of the SF Bay community and the World. He is a united states (sic) citizen and gets slightly peeved when referred to as an american (sic). Punk Rock could save the world if you want. Dr. Deb Burke said of her life: "I like to think of my river in context of all the dahlias in my life." Kraig would like to think of his river in the context of all of the coffee in his life." Kraig is currently working with the Chinatown Renewal Project in Salinas, specifically with the Chinatown Learning Center and the Chinatown Community Garden.


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Elizabeth joined the Service Learning program in Fall 2013 working alongside El Sausal Middle School as a community based service learning student leader.  Although Elizabeth just started the Student Leadership Program, she’s worked closely with the AVID program in El Sausal Middle School since 2011. 





Margarita Vidales

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Margarita joined the Service Learning Student Leadership Program in the fall of 2013.  She is currently a community based Service Learning Student Leader working with the Citizenship Project, and she loves it! 








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Angel Morris

Angel is The Service Learning Student Leader for the College of Business and assists Business Professors that have a SL portion to their class. She handles any SL paperwork from the students and also acts as a mentor for the students in the class.






Kristen O'Hare

Insert a description of the image here.Kristen joined the Student Leader in Service Learning Program in the Fall of 2013. She is working with the Learning Center at Peacock Acres in Salinas which provides mentoring and tutoring programs for the foster youth in the Monterey County area. After doing her service at Peacock Acres during her freshman year in the Fall of 2011, she felt a connection to the site and came back to help see the program grow even bigger and better than before!


Heather Rogers

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Heather Lynne Rogers started in the Service Learning Department in Fall 2013 as a Student Leader. Heather has been involved in Service Learning since Fall 2012, where she began her service at Dorothy's Hospitality Place. This is Heather's second year serving in the Homeless Community of Salinas, CA.









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