Required Forms | Additional information for Distance Learners

Required Forms

1. Learning Agreement (Form 400)

This is the official document, which describes the students' specific responsibilities at their service learning site. The student, course instructor and site supervisor must sign the Learning Agreement. It is kept on file by the academic department, for 3 years.
*You can also access this form on MySLP (Online Placement and Community Partner Database)


2. Activity & Time Log (Form 100)

This form is provided to assist you in tracking the activities and number of hours you serve at your service learning site. Once completed and approved by your site supervisor, it provides verification of your service to the organization as well as a history of your contributions to the site. You are responsible for completing and returning this form to your service learning professor - check with your professor for the due date. Also, check with your site supervisor to determine if he/she would like a copy for the organization's records.
*You can also access this form on MySLP (Online Placement and Community Partner Database)


3. Evaluation of Service Learning Process by Student 

ALL SERVICE LEARNERS - Due Date: before your last day of class

Each semester all students enrolled in SL courses will be asked to complete an online survey of the Service Learning process. An individual link will be sent to each student (via email) directing them to the Evaluation. This evaluation gives students the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of your Service Learning experience. The feedback that you provide on this form will assist the Service Learning Institute in improving the Service Learning program at CSUMB.


4. Evaluation of Service Learning Student Performance by Agency

Note: This form/tool is not returned to SLI, it is for course use only and used at the discretion of the CSUMB faculty person. Check with your faculty person to see if they require this form.

Your site supervisor will complete this assessment of your performance. Your service learning course professor will consider the remarks of this evaluation in determining your final grade in your service learning course. You are responsible for having your site supervisor complete this form after verifying your Activity & Time Log. In addition, it is your responsibility to return the completed form in a sealed envelope to your professor. Check with your professor for the due date for this form.