11/18 Soup, Salad & Service

Tuesday, November 18th 12pm - 2 pm
International Service Learning Opportunities

Professor Juan Jose Gutierrez will discuss his recent experience teaching a service learning course in Spain, partnering with the Red Cross. Professor Gutierrez and SLI Director Seth Pollack will report on the 2014 Global Service-Learning Institute Conference, sponsored by Cornell University, New York Campus Compact, and the Amizade Global Service-Learning program.


10/28 Soup, Salad & Service

Tuesday, October 28th at Noon
Explore & discuss "Stereotype Threat" & The Mentoring Dilemma

Stereotype threat is a situational predicament in which people are or feel themselves to be at risk of confirming negative stereotypes about their social group. Since its introduction into academic literature, stereotype threat has become one of the most widely studied topics in the field of social psychology. ~ excerpt from Wikipedia


10/25 Make A Difference Day

Make A Difference Day 2014!

Every year, the fourth Saturday of October is MADD. (Make A Difference Day)
The Catalyst Center is recruiting volunteers to serve in the Community.
Register Now for Make A Difference Day!

10/14 New Community Partner Orientation

The Service Learning Institute (SLI) will be hosting several gatherings each semester to orient new Community Partners.
In these workshops potential partners will learn how to become an established partner with the SLI, act as a co-educator, and the responsibilities as a site supervisor for service learners.


Washington Center Internship

The Service Learning Institute is partnering with The Washington Center Internship Program. Founded by the late William M. Burke who believed that all young people inherently possess the ability to lead.  The Washington Center cultivates and transforms the younger generation into civically minded citizens. CSU Monterey Bay has $20,000 in scholarship monies available for the Summer 2014 or Fall 2014 program.

Community Garden an Oasis on Soledad St.

Article taken from the Salinas Californian March 7, 2013

Along Soledad Street in the Chinatown neighborhood there is a plot of land, 2,500 square feet of serenity amid bitter misfortune, as different from the street as green is to gray. It’s known simply as “the garden” throughout the neighborhood.

In the Land of the Free

 Free: Having the legal and political rights of a citizen

The Service Learning Institute has fashioned a film series themed "Social Justice... Not Just Us" The first film, Watsonville On Stike (directed by Jon Silver) was shown in 2010. The idea was to show a dynamite documentary film and afterwards engage in a discussion.


Stephanie Johnson, Artist, Fellow & Peacemaker...

Insert a description of the image here.Stephanie Anne Johnson, Associate Professor in the Visual and Public Art Department has been appointed a 2012 Fellow for the Wildflowers Institute in San Francisco. As a Fellow she will “provide leadership in developing community think tanks and training programs”.

Enid Baxter Blader Awarded A Champion of the Arts

Insert a description of the image here. Professor Enid Baxter Blader was awarded as a 2012 Local Champion of the Arts.