“The community scan made me realize what kind of city Salinas actually was compared to the typical stereotypes people hear. It was a definite eye opener to see the difference once i took this class.” – Fall 07 SL 201S student

What is Service Learning and what distinguishes Service Learning at CSUMB?

Developing Students' Social Responsibility and Commitment to Multicultural Civic Engagement

Developing young people's commitment to public and community service has been a core goal of California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)-the university created in 1995 on the site of the former Fort Ord. CSUMB's academic program is guided by the campus' Vision Statement that establishes "coordinated community service" as a vehicle to enable students to develop the "critical thinking abilities to be productive citizens, and the social responsibility and skills to be community builders" (CSUMB Vision Statement). Unlike many higher education institutions that seek to promote an ethic of service through extra-curricular student programs and work-study efforts, CSUMB has made its commitment to community service an educational goal, placing service learning squarely at the heart of its academic program.

Student Learning Goal

The overall goal of CSUMB's service learning program is to help students become " Multicultural Community Builders: students who have the knowledge,skills and attitudes to work effectively in a diverse society to create more just and equitable workplaces,communities and social institutions."

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Service learning is a component of CSUMB's academic program and is integrated into both the University's general education requirements and the graduation requirements of each major.