What was the most valuable aspect of your service learning experience?
"Meeting new people, making new relationshps" -Sp 11 BUS 303S Student


Service learning is a direct expression of the CSUMB vision statement. Our university is dedicated to "building partnerships...that cross institutional boundaries for innovative instruction and coordinated community service." The goal is to help you develop "the social responsibility and skills to be community builders." CSUMB is proud to be one of the only public universities in the country to have made this commitment to service learning for all students.

The service learning requirement is CSUMB's way of stating that preparation for the 21st century includes learning through civic engagement and participation in culturally diverse communities. Your community experience will be a meaningful and exciting way to learn.

The Service Learning Institute is a clearinghouse and resource center established to support students, faculty, and community organizations in forming mutually beneficial service learning partnerships. Please contact our staff, including our University Service Advocates with your questions and concerns about the service learning process. We are here to assist you in having a meaningful and engaging service learning experience.

In addition, the Service Learning Institute offers opportunities to strengthen and develop your leadership skills in service learning through the Service Learning Student Leadership (sl)2 Program. The (sl)2 Program employs students with prior CSUMB service learning experience and provides them with training and development opportunities to take leadership roles implementing and supporting CSUMB's service learning program. Student leaders are trained each year during the Summer of Service Leadership Academy (SoSLA). For more information on this program click here.

"respect and understanding the eniviornment because we can accomplish more when we truly understand our surroundings" -Sp 11 ENVS369 Student

We hope your service learning experience supports you in developing a lifelong commitment to community participation. CSUMB graduates will be needed as active and involved citizens to face the challenges of the 21st century. You can make a difference as you become involved in service learning!